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Free Internet Virtual Roulette Game – No Download

There are many free online roulette european games online, where you can test your roulette system or just play for fun. Almost all use a random number generator to determine the winning number. Is you are interested in playing slot machines, such free games are all you need. But it isn’t real roulette. The only real roulette consists of a physical roulette wheel and ball.

As far as I know, nobody has ever devised a system to beat a slot machine. And that’s exactly what RNG roulette is – a slot machine with deceptive computer animations of a roulette wheel.

The most realistic free online roulette flash game

Again no free online roulette software can ever substitute for a real roulette wheel, but a well-designed roulette wheel simulator is at

The winning number is not determined by a random number generator. It has the following key differences:

  • The wheel and ball speeds are randomized, just as what happens with a real roulette wheel.
  • The wheel direction is alternated each time, which is common in real casinos.
  • The ball bounce distance is simulated. While you don’t see the ball bounce, the internal calculations are simulated and based on real physics.

Basically the the source code of the roulette game was specially modified to simulate the main elements of a real physical roulette wheel.

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