Avoiding Detection

Assuming your roulette computer actually beats modern wheels in modern conditions, the next problem you will face is being detected. I always tell my players “what you win is more limited by what you can get away with, without being noticed”.

Because I don’t want casino staff to know how we avoid detection, I wont provide full details of what my computers do. But I’ll explain some of the basics of what my computers do, and what other computers do. Again because my hybrid roulette computer (hybridroulettecomputer.com) obtains predictions automatically, I’ll compare one of my more simplistic models to other computers:

Roulette Computer Stealth Features

What draws attention to the player My Uber Computer Other computers
Constantly glaring at the wheel and making late bets One player can take the timings which a completely different player places the bets. This is done with hidden wireless equipment. A wireless two-player setup is only used by one other roulette computer, but it uses very easily detected wireless transmissions.
Detectable wireless transmissions (assuming the computer has wireless capabilities) Invisible wireless networks that cannot be scanned or locked onto. The frequency randomly changes. They are unresponsive to network probes. On military-grade scanners the transmissions appear only as random static.My computers can also use vibrations to tell you where to bet, so wireless earpieces are not required. However, never has a player been caught by using wireless eapieces so almost every player prefers them over vibrations. Only one other roulette computer that is not developed by us is wireless capable. It uses an open bluetooth network. To detect it, you could use even any mobile phone and search for bluetooth devices. Most casinos have network scanners to check for this exact thing. By using this computer’s wireless version, you are literally announcing the presence of a roulette computer.Additionally, the radio transmission is simply a bluetooth muse. This is a $15 bluetooth hands-free kit for a mobile phone. The audio transmitter maintains a constant radio emission the entire time. This means the players using the equipment are literally a radio beacon.

The combination of an easily detectable bluetooth network, transmitting on the same frequency, all transmitting constantly is the worst combination possible. Such technology is a cheap and dangerous shortcut.

Again while there is much more to it, I do not release full details of what my computers do to keep the players covert. Although even if casinos knew what we do, it wouldn’t greatly assist them. But still there’s no sense in outright publishing it all.

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