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Tired Of Online Casino Roulette Scams? Here’s What To Do

Tired Of Online Casino Roulette Scams? Here’s What To Do

Today, one of the major concerns for online roulette enthusiasts is how to play without falling into scams. In the online gambling world, the player isn’t the only person looking to squeeze the most out of their bets, as the house is also in business. And although most casino operators are safe, few rotten apples… Continue Reading

Live Roulette Variations

Live Roulette Variations

The popularity of the roulette is second only to slot machines. And what’s there not to love – no complicated rules, no ‘mind-reading’ of the poker faces sitting around, no learning curve for the beginners yet the same exhilarating journey throughout. So when the internet hit the gambling arena with its all-encompassing force, the movers… Continue Reading

Roulette Computer Myths That Prove They’re a Viable Strategy

Explaining the myths around roulette computers that are not actually true, and the advantages presented by such computers – and mobile no deposit bonuses. Gambling is one of the world’s oldest hobbies and throughout all that time players have been keen to try and find ways to beat games and tilt the odds to their… Continue Reading

Roulette App To Predict Roulette Spins

You may have heard of players winning a fortune with hidden roulette phones and apps. I’ve been developing technology to predict roulette spins for over a decade. I will shed some light on some of the roulette apps for phones that are available. Firstly, do these apps work? There are a growing number of apps… Continue Reading

The Easy Roulette Strategy That Works

The game of roulette is all about predicting the number or color the ball will land on after wheel spinning. Though, luck is hugely involved in the outcome, there are few winning roulette tips and advice out there that are capable of increasing anyone’s chances of winning. This article explains a roulette strategy that works… Continue Reading

Expert advice for winning roulette

Roulette is one of the gambling games you can find in the casinos. To understand the art of winning Roulette, you start with recognizing the wheel types; the American double zero (00) wheel and the European Single zero (0) wheel which are differentiated by the order of numbers on the wheel. Also, the American version… Continue Reading