Basic Comparison of Available Computers

For a thorough comparison of all publicly available roulette computers, see the roulette computer comparison chart. It may take over an hour to study it carefully, but it is necessary if you want to properly understand what makes each computer different. Below are “brief” descriptions of each device with links to more information:

Hybrid roulette computer (

This is by far the most accurate roulette computer available anywhere. Instead of the player clicking a hidden button to clock the wheel, image recognition hardware is used to automatically determine rotor and ball speed. Because the timings are determined automatically by a computer and hidden camera, there are no human errors with timings. Additionally it is far more covert than any other computer because none of its operators need to look at the wheel at all. Learn more about the hybrid roulette computer

Uber Roulette Computer (

This is the most advanced “manual clocking” roulette computer by far. It uses modified mobile phones to ensure the accuracy of timings are within 1ms. To have a full understanding of what the Uber can do, it needs to be seen in person. The comparison chart explains what sets it apart from other computers

Lite Roulette Computer (

This is a basic roulette computer without all the sophisticated features of the Uber and Hybrid. Like the Uber, it uses modified mobile phones. Its algorithms are a modified version of the basic roulette computer algorithm so it can produce accurate predictions at any ball speed, without incorrectly assuming ball deceleration is linear. However, it is incapable of sophisticated scatter analysis, including adjusting for different scatter on different rotor speeds. It also does not target specific diamond hits, or adjust for ball deceleration changes. Essentially it a sophisticated version of a simple computer to ensure it is practical and covert to use. It is designed specifically to be better than any other computer, except the Uber and Hybrid. It is intended to be more an introduction to roulette computers, so that its users can build bankroll and eventually purchase the more powerful Uber or Hybrid models.

Basic Roulette Computer (

This is as basic as roulette computers get. It uses the standard basic roulette computer algorithm. It is very similar to the FFZ and FFV devices developed by Miro Zirdum (Forester). I provide it FREE to my players because it is no comparison to my other computers.

Microprocessor test unit (

This device is one of the microprocessor roulette computers we developed. It is very similar to the FFA device available from Miro Zirdum (Forester). It uses the standard basic roulette computer algorithm. We only created one of these devices to compare the exact same algorithm on a modified mobile phone, to determine whether or not the microprocessor had any advantage over the modified mobile phones. We found that while the microprocessor device processed timings with greater accuracy, the difference in actual prediction accuracy is insignificant – there was no measurable difference at all. Specifically the microprocessor is accurate to within 0.0001ms, whereas the modified mobile phones are only accurate to 1ms which are both very short times. Considering that the average error from manual clocking of the wheel has 50ms error, the difference between 0.0001ms and 1ms is completely insignificant.

Video of my microprocessor version

Forester’s FFA roulette computer

This device is almost identical to our microprocessor test unit, but still significantly less practical than the lite roulette computer. It uses the basic roulette computer algorithm, with the addition of predictions at any ball speed by incorrectly assuming the ball deceleration is linear. It uses an inappropriate attempt at diamond targeting which is still being developed. It does not adjust for the ball’s ever-changing ball deceleration rate, and incorrectly assumes the ball will bounce the same way on different rotor speeds.

[See thorough review of this device, including what an independent reviewer found]

Forester’s FFZ and FFV

This is very similar to the FFA device, except that it uses either vibrations or electric zaps that must be observed so the player knows where to bet. My Uber roulette computer can use vibrations in the same way, but use of wireless earpieces and voice predictions is a far better option. However, the FFZ and FFV are is most similar to my Basic version which I distribute for free. The FFV and FFZ also use the basic algorithm, with the addition of predictions at any ball speed by incorrectly assuming the ball deceleration is linear.

[See thorough review of this device, including what an independent reviewer found]

Mark Howe Psion 3a

This device is very poor and barely capable of beating the most predictable wheels. It uses an algorithm that is similar to the basic algorithm. Visual ballistics without this device is a significantly better option.

[See thorough review of this device]

Mark Howe mobile phone

This appears to be a rushed and untested device. I was sent this device for free by someone who was unable to obtain a refund.

Mark Howe Radical and Mouth Roulette Computer

This is more a beat keeper called a “thumper” than a roulette computer. Thumpers are used as a visual ballistics aid. They are not exactly roulette computers. If you have a device that gives you regular vibration pulses, then you have this device already. You don’t need to pay anything for this as you can download free mobile phone software that does the same thing.

See a Detailed Comparison of Roulette Computers

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