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Roulette App To Predict Roulette Spins

You may have heard of players winning a fortune with hidden roulette phones and apps. I’ve been developing technology to predict roulette spins for over a decade. I will shed some light on some of the roulette apps for phones that are available.

Firstly, do these apps work? There are a growing number of apps for roulette prediction, and I have tested the majority of them. I won’t specify names of apps, because I don’t want to be attacked or accused of being biased.

Essentially most of the apps can beat some wheels quite easily – but there’s a catch. A very basic roulette computer can be coded in literally an hour. And it will be just as capable as typical apps you will find on android play store, or even for the iPhone.

What Wheels Can The Apps Beat?

As explained above, most apps are capable of beating some wheels. But some apps are incredibly poorly designed, and the programmer clearly has no understanding of roulette computers and what they do. These kinds of apps are designed to be sold, not used in any serious capacity.

So here I will assume the app you are questioning at least remotely does what it needs to do for an edge. Specifically this is timing revolutions of the rotor and/or ball, before giving a prediction to bet on. You can learn the basics at the free roulette computer trial page. The page explains a free roulette computer app you can test from home.

In such a case, assuming the app has at least a reasonable design, it will achieve an edge on easily beaten wheels. These are wheels where the ball consistently hits particular diamonds, and then falls onto the rotor with barely any bounce. The edge may only be small, but it’s still an edge.

Recognize When a Wheel Is Unrealistically Easy To Beat

If you are NOT an inexperienced player, you may not even recognize when a wheel is easily beaten. So you may begin by beating a wheel with your app. But profiting from real and well-maintained casino wheels is a different matter. Just because a wheel has the same design doesn’t mean it’s “realistic”. Keep in mind casinos sell old wheels because they have physical imperfections that make spins predictable. Without experience, you probably wont know the difference. On this note, there are ways to determine if a wheel you test on is “realistic”. But that’s beyond the scope of this article.

It makes sense that when you’re testing an app, at least test on a realistic wheel. A good start is the live online roulette casinos, which use real wheels you can view via WebCam. It’s at least a readily available source of free spins.

Although you can see these wheels from the comfort of your home, in my experience the online wheels are generally easier to be than wheels in real casinos. This is for a few reasons. Firstly, the casino staff in online casinos are often poorly trained and don’t properly maintain the wheels. And secondly, most online casinos close betting before the ball is released, so they are not vulnerable to roulette prediction apps like roulette computers. Therefore, they don’t need such strict maintenance of wheels. In other words, you might be able to easily beat the online casino wheels, but you can’t profit from them with apps or roulette computers because you can’t bet in time. There are a few exceptions though, but generally professional players focus on real casinos.

Typical Problems With Roulette Apps

Most apps are incredibly simplistic. Again they can be coded and literally a few hours, or even less. I’m not going to explain the full list of problems most of these apps have. The below I will discuss some of the most glaringly obvious problems.

Inaccurate timings

Modern mobile phones are extremely fast processors of data. But they are extremely unreliable in taking timings. The accuracy of any roulette prediction app begins with the accuracy of timings. The typical unmodified mobile phone may process timings accurate to within 100 ms. Theoretically you can beat some roulette wheels even with inaccurate timings of 50 ms. But these wheels are so easily beaten that you don’t even need an app. So you may be better off using visual ballistics, which is one of the known proven effective roulette strategies.

Inaccurate Modelling of Ball Deceleration Rate

The deceleration rate of the ball gradually changes over time. This is due to factors such as air pressure, or even dirt or grit on the ball track. Even some of the more expensive commercial roulette computer apps incorrectly assume that the ball’s deceleration rate will remain consistent. Correctly modelling ball deceleration rate is not an easy task. The mathematics behind it may be relatively simple, but it requires a solid understanding of roulette wheel physics. Also an app developer may tell you their app adjusts to changes, but it doesn’t make it true – or that it is done correctly.


There’s a big difference between a roulette app that costs five dollars on Google app store, and a professional roulette computer costs $80,000.

If the wheel is incredibly easy to beat, you may even get much the same results on the same wheel, regardless of the computer you use. The differences are only apparent on realistic and well-maintained wheels, which is what you will play if you intend to make real money.

Cheap apps may be a good introduction to what will the computers do, although again there are many apps that don’t even remotely do what is required to accurately predict roulette spins.

Because of the immense differences between roulette prediction apps, I openly invite anyone to compare any app to my technology in public demonstrations. Comparing results on the same wheel is ultimately the best way to compare results.